POV Lickling with Blake and Rosie

Blake and Rosie have broken into the living room again because Rosie wants to see the phone with all the feet and tickling pictures. Blake says to hurry up because she got tied up and tickled on her feet the last time she was there. Rosie grabs the phone anyway and they both look at the pictures together. Rosie realizes that there are pictures of Blake's feet being tickled! Blake says she told her so and to hurry up before it happens to both of them. POV then sneaks up from behind and their world goes blank.

The next thing they know, Blake and Rosie now have their ankles bound together and propped up on some pillows. All four feet side by side. POV looks them over a few seconds before settling down in front of their soles. They struggle a bit as Blake immediately recognizes their situation and blames Rosie for getting them into this. POV slowly removes their socks and spends a few seconds “worshiping” their soles. They continue to talk during the process, Blake telling Rosie what's about to happen while Rosie apologizes to her. POV starts tickling and then spends the rest of the clip alternating between tickling and worshiping their soles. They laugh and giggles and do some light begging while being tickled with sexy moaning and more tickle/feet talk when being worshiped.

This clip runs 10m long and includes pov tickling, foot worship, rope bondage, soles, toe wiggling. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies store under the POV Tickling category.