Bottom Bitch with Cali Logan and Tilly McReese

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Cali is over at her girlfriend, Tilly's house. They are in for a sexy night. As it is time for them to get on top of one another, they both decide that they don't want to be the bottom bitch. They decide to start arm wrestling for the position. Until Cali loses and she still wasn't satisfied that she would be the one on the bottom. Tilly thinks she has one and is ready to get on top of Cali. But Cali has another surprise for Tilly a punch that makes her fall back. Tilly can't believe Cali just did that and decides to go at it in a cat fight. The hair pulling follows along with the belly punches. Some slaps to the face are involved but Cali gets the right hit in. Tilly goes to rest and Cali makes her way on top. Making sure Tilly knows her position.

This clip runs 15 minutes long with female fighting, bare fighting, topless, lesbian, arm wrestling, hair pulling, belly punching, face slapping, cat fight