Fists of Fury: Misty Lovelace vs Maci Wilde

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 Maci is the police officer on the investigation and Maci is the detective. Maci comes to tell Misty that she is wanted by the perp in the interrogation room. Misty is pissed and doesn't want to go in there. She begins to tell Maci all of this is her fault and now her phone is broken and she wants Maci to buy her a new one. The agreement comes to Maci telling Misty she iwll and to meet her at the office at 6. Well it isn't exactly about a phone at this point they begin beating each other up and when Misty gets a little edge to her. She informs Maci that the only reason the perp asked for her was because they worked together and that is her people. Maci gave Misty the last little bit of work that she needed and put her down. Maci drags Misty to the station. She wont be getting away with this.

This clip runs 16 minutes long with barefisted fighting, female fighting, beatdowns, clothes destruction, arrogant woman, female domination