Good Night Lady Black Sleep with Cali Logan and Sinthia Bee (exclusive)

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Lady Blacksleep (Sinthia Bee) has just snuck into the hideout of Wonder Kyra and has put Wonder Kyra’s full outfit and gear on for herself to parade herself in.  She claims she is now mighty and powerful and will ruin all of the universe.  Suddenly, a strange smell comes into her nostrils and she is slowly getting dazed and stumbles all over the room. Even though Blacksleep is repeating herself over and over again how impervious and strong she is, the smell gets stronger and soon she collapses onto the ground.  As her eyes flutter and open and close, Blacksleep does her best to stay strong and awake.  In a few moments, her fighting for alertness is thwarted and soon she closes her eyes as the camera zooms in on her napping body.


As Lady Blacksleep is napping in a deep daze, the evil Cali Logan has come into the room and is really disappointed that Blacksleep has tried to take over the business of being an evil mastermind and feels that Blacksleep has gone out of her way to push Cali out of the business.  Not one to have insubordinate henchwomen underneath her, Cali is going to have some fun new plans for Blacksleep and even throw her in the same holding cell as Wonder Kyra. After all, Wonder Kyra was supposed to be the ultimate target for Blacksleep to take and bring to Cal, but she couldn’t even do that right.  To show Blacksleep that bad henchwomen who don’t want to do their job right get punished, Cali takes her hands and starts to rub them all up and down Blacksleep’s napping body.   At first, it’s just some gentle rubbing over the Wonder Kyra suit and boots that Blacksleep stole and wore, but then Cali decides to run her hands under the top and pulls it down to expose Blacksleep’s perky breasts.  Cali starts to run her hands and play with Blacksleep’s breasts and nipples as Blacksleep starts to wake up.


Blacksleep is having a hard time trying to figure out what just happened and why Cali is playing with her breasts while she’s been resting.  Cali laughs and reminds Blacksleep of who’s really in charge here.  Blacksleep tries to crawl away but the effect of the napping gas has really done a number on her and she is having a hard time trying to stand up.  Cali decides to use a foreign object to place over Blacksleep’s mouth to put her back to rest.   Blacksleep is struggling and kicking as her eyes open wide.  Soon, she is back resting again and Cali is back to having more fondling and limb manipulation with her.  She is looking forward to throwing Blacksleep in the holding cell with Wonder Kyra and maybe they can have some wonderful lesbian love in the cell once they’re both locked up and trapped.  Blacksleep wakes up and gets really ticked off that Cali would subdue her with a foreign object like that and she trusted Cali to work together with her as they captured Wonder Kyra.


Cali is no longer interested in working fairly with Blacksleep and feels that Blacksleep was just trying to go around her to capture Wonder Kyra on her own.  She introduces Blacksleep to some napping spray and sprays it directly into Blacksleep’s face.  At first Blacksleep is able to withstand the napping spray’s first blast, but Cali sprays it a second time and it gets strongly into Blacksleep’s nostrils and mouth and she is crumbling to the floor in mere seconds.  Cali has a lot of fun teasing and taunting Blacksleep as she rubs and spanks Blacksleep’s ass through the Wonder Kyra outfit and fondles Blacksleep more as Blacksleep is completely immobilized and unaware of what is going on to her napping body.  


Cali has more sensual fun playing with Blacksleep’s napping body when she notices that Blacksleep is coming to again.   Blacksleep is completely in a deep daze and Cali laughs as Blacksleep is trying to crawl away to get out of the hideout.  Cali grabs a napping gas machine and places it methodically on Blacksleep’s mouth and nose, watching evilly with a grin on her face as Blacksleep is slowly fading again.   Blacksleep tries weakly to get the napping mask off of her, but the substance being seeped into her mouth and lungs is way too much for her to bear and she is going to slumberland for a fourth and final time. 


Cali is hoping that Blacksleep and Wonder Kyra get along just fine and will sexualize each other for a very long time when they are locked up together.  It’s going to be months, even years before society realizes both of them will be locked up by the evil Cali Logan.  Knowing this, Cali laughs as she slowly drags Blacksleep by her feet and boots off to be thrown in the holding cell as the scene ends.


This clip runs 12 minutes long and contains superherione, supervillian, napping fetish, breast play, ass rubbing, and napping spray.