Repeated Resuscitation (exclusive)

Keri Spectrum completely dominates Cali Logan with a long, long breathtaking neck hold against the wall and on the floor. Keri presses her hands around Cali’s throat to the point that Cali turns blue while getting weaker and weaker. Suddenly... Cali reaches up to Keri’s throat and squeezes so hard that Keri lets go! It’s Keri’s turn to get dominated!

Looks like Cali Logan is really getting into this throat squeezing thing... she might even be getting turned on... looks like Keri was doing nothing more than fueling the fire in Cali. The fire must have got to hot because Cali snuffed Keri right out! Time for some CPR! Come back to life Keri... Cali wants to do it all over again... 

This clip runs 20 minutes long and includes female fighting, female domination, knock out, KO, domination, breath play, hand over throat, medical, coughing, and CPR.