Only in Nightmares with Cali and Vonka (exclusive)

Cali Logan answers a phone call, naked, and talks about how she’s onto Vonka Romanov’s plan. There’s no way Cali is going to let Vonka attack her and take her out. No resting for Cali! Cali hangs up and gets dressed, nice and slow and sexy in her pantyhose secretary type uniform, when none other than Vonka Romanov walks into her bedroom! Cali is, of course, perfectly unaware that there’s a creepy gal slinking into her room... until its too late! Vonka stuffs a white cloth into Cali face, and quickly Cali starts to get woozy... and it left to the will of Vonka.  

After a nice hand-over-mouth struggle between Cali and Vonka, Cali is left standing in Vonka’s arms. Vonka drags Cali over to her bed, gives her the white cloth again for good measure! Next Vonka stuffs a pair of pantyhose into Cali’s mouth and wraps it around her head for a silencer. Vonka gives Cali a nice grope before stuffing her out again. Then Vonka starts to strip off all of Cali’s unnecessary uniform... the bad gal doesn’t need those pesky layers in her way. Vonka strips off those clothes and takes full groping advantages all along the way. 

Vonka gets Cali down to her pantyhose and bra... then takes off her high heels for a good long pantyhose sniff. She plops Cali’s leg back down when Cali starts to wake up again!! None of that! Vonka quickly puts her back to a nice deep rest and tightens her pantyhose gag... adding a piece of tape of top for extra tight security. Vonka strips off the rest of Cali’s clothes, noting that she needs to prep the getaway vehicle for little resting Cali... and gives Cali another hand-over-mouth smother while she waits...

This 12 minute clip includes resting fetish, superheroine, groping, dressing, undressing, forced stripping, pantyhose, pantyhose gag, foot sniffing, duct tape gag, female domination, and knock outs.