Getting (un)Comfortable with Anastasia Rose and Keri Spectrum (exclusive)

Anastasia and Keri are chatting until Anastasia gets really dizzy... and passes right out. Keri limp checks Anastasia before dragging her out to strip Anastasia of her shirt. Apparently, Keri wanted to get freaky today because she takes Anastasia over and over again just so she can grope Anastasia’s breasts. Occasionally Anastasia wakes up, but Keri just snuffs out Anastasia  all over again. 

After Keri is done kissing Anastasia’s neck, and erotically massaging Anastasia’s boobs, Keri scampers away to let Anastasia wake up. Eventually, Anastasia does wake, with a headache, of course. And quesitoning where her clothes are. Anastasia wonders around, soon to be snuffed out again. Keri sticks Anastasia in the neck... for more nipple kissing... and what else? Keri bumpily drags Anastasia away... 

This clip runs 10.5 minutes long and includes female fighting, female domination, knock out, KO, domination, hand over mouth, eye rolling, and female wrestling.