Kryptonite KOs with Zoey Chanel and Cali Logan (exclusive)

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Kryptonite KOs with Zoey Chanel and Cali Logan

SuperGirl, aka Zoey, drags in today’s villianess. Miss Cali Logan has a hidden detonator, and SuperZoey is here to twist that information out of her! VillianCali quickly tells SuperZoey that the detonator is inside a nearby “lead” box—but it’s really made of Kryptonite!! SuperZoey immediately gets duped by this trick! VillianCali just waits as SuperZoey opens the box to reveal her ultimate Kryptoenemy! VillainCali picks up the glowing green stone with great ease and waves it in front of SuperZoey’s wilting face...

SuperZoey withes under the immense stress that Kryptonite brings her body. It is draining her of all her strength as she slides down a wall. One tiny piece of Kryptonite and SuperZoey crumbles to her knees. VillianCali sensually giggles at her new weak and helpless super-prey. SuperZoey musters up the courage to say that VillainCali won’t get away with this... but she’s quickly delirious. VillianCali puts the Kryptonite crystal deep between SuperZoey’s huge tits then snuffs out SuperZoey with a white cloth.

SuperZoey’s eyes flutter and now VillainCali has compete control. VillainCali plays with SuperZoey’s floppy arms, gives her an eye check, then gropes her titties right out of her super costume. She then rolls SuperZoey over and lifts up her super skirt. This game goes on for several rounds with VillianCali groping, stripping, and rubbing down on the barely-there SuperZoey. To bring SuperZoey back a little... VillianCali rubs SuperZoey’s pussy with her high heel... and snuffs her out all over again...

This 15.5 minute clip includes superheroine, villainess, cosplay, female fighting, female domination, costume, domination, fantasies, and floppy fetish.