More Magic Gas for Wonder Woman

 Wonder Woman finds herself in another predicament. Her breasts are exposed. Her wrists are bound with rope in front of her (but not so tight that she can't move her hands/wrists/arms for fondling herself later). Her booted crossed ankles are bound tightly with rope. Her lasso is bound around her chest.

She starts to stir, moaning and mumbling, very groggy. Her eyes flutter open and she tries to get her bearings. Soon she realizes she is bound, and starts to struggle.

"Why am I... so weak... oh no! A man has bound my wrists, I'm helpless... no...

She notices the camera watching her.

"No... you! You've done this! Untie me! Let me go! How dare you put me out! Magic gas!!?? How do you know about my weaknesses!?"

She continues to writhe and struggle, trying to untie her crossed ankles with her bound hands, but the rope is too strong, and she is too weak.

She struggles even more, furiously writhing now and threatening the camera.

"I'm gonna break free and find you! You can't keep me helpless... for... ever... No, what's that?... Not magic gas again! No more.... I'll get you..."

Writihng, moaning and struggling in her bonds, she eventually goes out completely out from more gas.

Stirring a few moments later, she gradually starts to groggily fondle herself all over, but this time she fights the urge.

"No... I won't be your sex slave... must fight it... gas is... so strong... no..."

She fondles herself, fighting it in her semi-conscious delirium.

"Must... get away... you won't get away with this... must stop fondling myself..."

She wakes a little more, but still very groggy, threatening the camera again.

"This is your last chance... let me go..."

She suddenly hears a voice in her head.

"Who are you? How is your voice in my head?... yes... my lasso does compel me to tell the truth and obey you..."

'No! I hate being your helpless captive... but... I also... like it when you dominate me... no, how can I like this? I hate it! I will get you... Your commanding me... to touch myself... I obey..."

WW, still semi-conscious, fondles herself, looking into the camera and performing for her captor.

"My lasso... compels me to obey you, master... I want to stop, but... no, I don't... this feels so good... yes master, I want you to take me.. your little sex slave... Who am I? My real name... is Cali Prince... please dominate me, master... Oh, more magic gas... oh, I love it when you make me... groggy... and weak..."

WW is finally defeated.


This clip runs 11 minutes and includes hypno, forced masturbation, mind control, wonder woman, costumes, cosplay. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril under the SUPERHEROINE category.

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