Superheroines Lost with Nikki Brooks & Indica Fetish

Indica napping, tied up and stripped down to her panties. As she wakes up she tries to ask why you are doing this, and asks for you to just let her out. 

Next you control her mind, even though she tries her hardest to resist. Indica is told that her hands now know what to do. Indica begins to feel herself not being able to stop it. She is mentally into an orgasm, and once she cums she goes to rest. 

Nikki finally gets there and gets Indica's hands and legs untied. Indica tries to warn her that it is a trap. You come out trying to control their minds which works on Indica because she is already vulnerable. Nikki is able to resist for only a little while. But as she begins not being able to fight it Indica is stripping her down. 

As Nikki tries to leave Indica says that this is how she is supposed to capture her. Nikki does everything she can to try and fight it. But Indica makes the process of fighting it harder. She helps make Nikki weak telling her that she can't resist. Indica fondles Nikki's breasts and Nikki gets weaker and weaker.

Sexual arousal makes Nikki weaker and she is told that she must obey. Nikki continues to fight it. Until Indica pulls out the white rag and the light at the same time. Giving Nikki no choice but to becomes sleepy.Once Nikki finally wakes up she has a small recollection of what previously happened. She can't believe that Indica would do this to her. Nikki decides to go find Indica and try to have her snap out of it. Nikki can't get through to Indica and she puts the lights in Nikki's face. 

Nikki is still able to resist and fight Indica and the magic control off. Eventually Indica gets Nikki right where she is needed and Nikki goes back to rest after not being able to fight anymore. Indica stares off and once they come back from Nikki napping they sit next to each other. Once they both hear the snap they begin cat fighting and whoever orgasms first loses. 

Indica wins and is rewarded with getting herself off

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This clip runs 31 minutes long with female training, magic control, sleepy, hypno, POV, orgasms, stripping, catfight.