Alien Annihilation

 Skye Blue drags Cali Logan Bot #1 in by the hair, making Cali crawl like a dog. Both ladies are naked, but it looks like only Cali Logan is getting interrogated tonight. “Tell me what you know!!” Skye demands, “Are there more coming???” Skye forces Cali over to a bucket to force her face into it!!! Water boarding time!! Cali still isn’t talking inbetween her water gargles. If CaliBot wants to live she’s going to have to fess up!  Cali doesn’t say a word, so Skye snaps her neck!!! CaliBot endlessly full body twitches!! 

CaliBot #2 enters, and punches Skye repeatedly in the face!!! But Skye has greater powers than that... she waves her hand, and an ALIEN HEAD CRAB clings to CaliBot’s face!!! Cali struggles and tries to breath, but... it looks like the head crab is winning... Cali falls to the ground and struggles... until finally she just full body twitches all over again... until her very last CaliBot breath... 

The CaliBot Alien Invasion continues, and this scene plays again and again, with Skye always annihilating these aliens. First, Skye attacks Cali’s face, but then Skye sends an alien head crab... to Cali’s PUSSY. It looks like Cali might actually be enjoying her head crab now... until the crab takes so much energy from CaliBot’s pussy that she quickly falls to the floor. Skye hops on top, riding the alien pussy crab, and wraps her hands around Cali’s throat. Bet she’s going out again.. and again... but will this alien do more than annihilate Cali? Or will Skye be falling too??

This 14.5 minute clip includes aliens/monsters, SCI FI, water boarding, interrogation, limp, face smother, pussy smother, female domination, domination, knock out, cosplay, and nude.

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***This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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