Hide and Go Sleep

 Its a hot summer day and the girls are bored out of their minds. Hannah recommends playing a game called Hide and Go Sleep. Cali has her reservations about it, but concludes that it beats the hell out of getting a job, so they go for it!

Hannah explains the rules and pulls out her bag of goodies that include things like billy clubs, sprays, rags and so on. They each choose their first item and Hannah goes off to hide while Cali counts to 10. As Cali searches, Hannah sneakes up from behind and delivers the first K-0. While Cali is out, she has fun playing with her limp body and removes her clothes. Before she wakes up, Hannah runs off to hide again. 

The girls go back and forth, getting sillier with each round. Frying pans and wrestling holds even get included. When there are no more good hiding places downstairs, Hannah brings Cali upstairs for the grand finale!

This 42 minute clip includes limp play, KOs, knock outs, chloro, sleepy, eye crossing, humor, sleeping, stripping, groping, socks, foot rubbing.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. CLICK HERE to Create your own fantasy.