The KO Collector

 A dangerous "Collector" (played by Cali Logan) has escaped from prison and is on the prowl for her next victim. She has scouted out the innocent Kelly Kane and poses as a congress woman to gain her trust. She starts by warning Kelly of the dangerous Collector's escape, explaining how she has a rabid fetish for knocking girls out, black pantyhose and sexy feet.

Before Kelly has a chance to be nervous, she is met with a hard neck chop that sends her slithering to the floor. That was easy! Cali has fun with her feet before dragging her off to the bedroom and taking off her clothes.

When she awakes, she immediately calls the police, but Cali isn't worried. She can handle them both! The clip continues with Kelly and Detective Jenn D trying to figure out which one of them is the real collector. Everyone ends up getting K-Oed and dragged around until one ends up victorious over the other 2 girls. Will good over come bad this time? Only one way to find out...

This 33 minute clip includes pantyhose, sleepy play, foot, feet, female fighting, limp play, knock out, KO.