Limp, Leather Clad Spies

 Suddenly, there’s the sound of gas entering the room. The spies panic, but all soon slowly succumb to the fumes. Cali wakes up first, confused to see the rest of her team out too. She helps get her fellow spies back to their feet.

They’re about to continue their search for the chip, when Sahrye notice a small door in the corner of the room. In this door they find I hidden safe, which they believe they chip must be inside, but they cannot crack the safe. As they discuss what to do next, the gas begins to enter the room again. Cali and Sahrye both panic again, but Keri calmly holds her breath, watching her teammates go out and waiting for the gas to disperses.

 Once it does, Keri checks to see if her friends or out cold, doesn’t help them at all, and continues to search for the chip, mocking her teammates for being stupid the whole time. Keri tries the safe again, but quickly gives up on it and then finds the chip hiding in plain sight, attached to the wall. Of course once Keri finds the chip, without any help for Cali or Sahrye, she mocks them even more, calling them names and playing with their limp bodies.

Keri hides the chip on her body, planning to take all the credit for the find, as Cali start coming to. Keri plays dumb, as Cali tries to figure out what happening. Cali suggests that Sahrye could be a double agent, and Keri just goes along with it. They search Sahrye, while she’s still out. When they don’t find the chip, because Keri has it, they both act like nothing happened as Sahrye wakes up and they continue searching for the chip.

 They girls begin to question the mission and each other’s loyalty, when the gas begins to enter the room again. This time all the girls try holding their breath, but they all fail. Cali wakes up first again, but this time has lost her trust in her team and looks for the chip on her own. She, don’t find the chip, of course, but finds a spray can. She sure this must be the source of the KO gas, but decides she better just leave anyway, before she can get anywhere, however Cali feels a sudden sting in her neck, that causes her to go out again.

 Sahrye wakes up now, and finds the spray can in Cali’s hand. She instantly thinks that Cali is behind the whole thing and starts to search her. Keri starts to wake up and Sahrye changes her focus to Keri, who pushes Sahrye off as she tries to search her. Sahrye tries to prove to Keri that Cali is behind this all, but Keri doesn’t believe her and starts to choke Sahrye out.

Cali wakes up before Sahrye got choked out and sees Keri with the spay can and blames Keri for knocking them out this whole time. Keri, fed up with the both of them, confesses to finding the chip while they were out, and plans on taking all the credit, but not to knocking them out. Keri sprays them in the face, telling them she’ll be continuing on her own from now on. Keri checks to make sure they’re both out cold, adding a little more spay to both of them, before heading out.

This 21 minute clip includes limp play, leather, boots, eye rolling, rag dolling, sleepy, ko, knockout.

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