Superheroines vs Battlebots

 SuperCali and Sinn Sage are prepping to take their training to the next level!  SuperCali decided to invest into a more realistic training approach and bought a more sophisticated version of the classic BattleBot, complete with realistic movements and improved AI.  SuperCali tuns on the BattleBot and within seconds it powers up, much to SuperCali and Sinn’s curiosity!  

As the BattleBot initializes and boots up, SuperCali programs the training fight style on it to set it up for boxing, and almost immediately the arm of the BattleBot comes up  with a boxing glove and is armed to train!  Taking a deep breath, SuperCali goes up to it in a confident manner and as soon as she gets super close to, it throws a mean uppercut straight to her face!  Losing her balance a bit and realizing she got more than she bargained for, SuperCali  tries to shake the cobwebs out and is met with a few more punches from the BattleBot for her trouble!

Seeing SuperCali getting knocked around silly by the BattleBot, Sinn is hell-bent on getting this bot taken down and is greeted by fierce punches to her face as well!  Both SuperCali and Sinn are completely dizzy and look like they got hit by a cement block to the face, stumbling around and making goofy faces and sounds as the BattleBot continues to punch them around!  They know they must try to work together and dodge its mean uppercuts and crosses, but it seems to be much too fast and strong for them! 

The BattleBot is dominating these sexy superheroines to no end, and even goes as far as to come at them to be more aggressive to knock them down!  It’s getting to the point where they can’t even stand up to defend themselves before the BattleBot continues to punch down on them to leave them completely subdued and defenseless!

Even though both SuperCali and Sinn are completely immobilized, the BattleBot still has more plans in its programming. It continues to strip them out of their sexy tight superheriones outfits and leaves them completely naked!  As it strips them both completely naked,  it approaches Cali and sees her squirming and kicking convulsively, unable to defend herself! The BattleBot stares down as it punches her hard in the stomach to bring her back to reality enough before punching her hard in the face one last time!

The training session now complete, the BattleBot leaves the arena as both SuperCali and Sinn are lying on the floor naked and defeated. Hopefully, the next training session will go their way! 


*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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