Knock Out Belly Lovin' with Misty Lovelace and Lana Luxor


 Misty Lovelace sits with Lana Luxor, both admiring eachother’s soft smooth belly buttons. Lana tells Misty how cute her belly button is as Lana slowly caresses and fingers Misty’s belly button. Out of nowhere Lana decides to KO Misty right then and there... why? Lana wants to get up close and personal with Misty’s cute belly button... Lana squeezes Misty’s bellybutton squish together and fingers the hole, admiring and worshiping that belly. 

Misty slowly comes to, not knowing what happened. But Misty remembers they they were just having some belly button fun... It must be Misty’s turn to KO Lana.. Lana explains how to do it so Misty can play with Lana’s limp belly button. Such sensual KOs. Misty very sweetly pokes into Lana’s belly button until Lana wakes up again... They’re ready to takes turns for stripping eachother for sensual belly button penetration...

This clip runs 16 minutes long with bellybutton, belly fetish, belly button fetish, belly worship, limp fetish, sleep fetish, forced stripping and bra & panties.

***This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***