Batgirl Broken: with Cali Logan and Paris Love


 Cali Gordon has been seeing some reports about a new masseuse opening up in town that is lowkey offering their clients far more than just a simple massage, according to the Yelp Gotham reviews.  She wants to barge in there as Batgirl to shut it down as quickly as possible, but doesn’t want to be too aggressive and instead opts to go in as herself after much pandering.  She books an appointment with the parlor and is already looking forward to seeing what evil illegal services they seem to be offering to “service” their clientele

Later that afternoon, Cali walks into the new massage parlor in a simple white tank top and black shorts.  She is immediately greeted by a gorgeous, tall, and fit woman in a skin tight  blue sports outfit who goes by the name of Paris.  Paris looks Cali up and down and can’t get over how gorgeous Cali is!  She has Cali lie down on the massage table on her back and quickly gets to rubbing Cali’s body all over from head to toe!  As the massage continues, Cali starts to ask Paris questions about the services she provides to her clients, and what she can expect to get out of this massage today.  Paris is already way ahead of her and has her take off her shirt and bra to leave her topless for now.  Once Cali is topless, Paris works her hands into massaging Cali’s chest, paying extra attention to work in the breasts and nipple. Cali is a little alarmed at first but the sensation seems to feel so amazing that she can’t get herself to have Paris stop.

Paris lets Cali in a little secret: the massage oil is filled with truth serum, and it’s only a matter of time before she gets Cali to confess how great this massage is feeling. Guiding Cali’s hand down the shorts, she coerces Cali to start rubbing herself and not let up until she lets out an echoing groan of pure ecstasy!  With Cali completely orgasmed and panting, Paris leaves to let Cali gather her clothes and get cleaned up. Cali comes to her senses and realizes how much she got tricked into pleasuring herself and knows this must be stopped at once!

The next day, Cali dons her Batgirl gear and comes into the massage parlor.  Paris is unaware that Cali is behind the Batgirl attire, and starts to tell Batgirl just how beautiful she is in real life, fondling her and looking her up and down in amazement.  Batgirl is more than aware of Paris’ s advances and tells Paris that it’s time to go down to the police station and tries to handcuff Paris’s hands behind her back. Paris just laughs it off as she reverses the attempt and gets Batgirl into a super tight bearhug, lifting the much smaller Batgirl off the ground.  Batgirl can barely catch a breath as she kicks and pleads for Paris to let her go this instant!  Paris is not letting up anytime soon and just laughs as she increases the pressure like a boa constrictor around Batgirl’s waist and back!  Batgirl’s squirms become less and less frequent as she loses almost all her bearings and is laid down like a toy on the massage bed.

Paris is smiling in victory, knowing that she has the elusive Batgirl all to herself, but she wants to play some more. Getting Batgirl to stir awake, she starts to rub and massage Batgirl through the skin-tight latex before getting even more curious and removes Batgirl’s mask!  When Paris finds out it’s Cali Gordon, she is beyond amazed!  She knows how much leverage she now has over Gotham city and the commissioner with this secret, and the fact that Batgirl’s back has been badly damaged by that tight bearhug from before is just the icing on the devious cake!  Cali pleads and begs to not be left alone like this, but Paris holds all the cards to treat Cali however she sees fit as she leaves the room and leaves Cali in a sobbing, broken mess to be used by Paris whenever and wherever she chooses.  

This clip runs 20 minutes long and contains superheroines, supervillians, female massage, breast rubbing, crotch rubbing, brackbending, and fantasy seduction. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Hypno and Kos store.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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