Ultragirl meets Mezmerelda with Angelica Vee & Vonka

Ultragirl (Angelica) has just flown in to the latest crime spree that Mezmerelda has done to one of her unsuspecting victims. After surveying the room, she sees a deeply entranced woman (Vonka Romanov) waving a pocket watch in front of her face and repeatedly chanting “It feels so good to be entranced” over and over again while donning a tight white and red half top and black thong.  At first Ultragirl is confused and tries to wake up Vonka out of her trance after copping a feel of Vonka’s round ass.  After a few attempts, she is able to break Vonka free from whatever spell she was underneath and Vonka snaps out of it.


Not knowing what happened to her, Vonka tries to explain to Ultragirl that Mezmerelda must have entranced her and took all her belongings. She pleads with Ultragirl to get her stuff back while still instinctively waving the pocket watch back and forth. The waving of the pocket watch catches Ultragirl in a daze and slowly she becomes mesmerized by it too.  Vonka sees that Ultragirl is slowly becoming more captivated by the watch and at first can’t believe what’s she’s seeing. However, after looking over Ultragirl more and see no response coming from Ultragirl’s mouth or body, Vonka suddenly has some sneaky ideas. 


First, she starts to feel Ultragirl’s body up and down, starting with Ultragirl’s toned ass and running her hands up to Ultragirl’s top before zipping it down and exposing Ultragirl’s perky tits. She starts to rub them gently and the ideas coming rushing into her head even more.  Vonka sits down and asks Ultragirl what she is willing to do, and Ultragirl says she will obey every command that her new mistress Vonka tells her. Vonka smiles at the thought of having Ultragirl under her spell and commands Ultragirl to give her a lap dance.  Ultragirl smiles and says “Yes Mistress” before giving Vonka a slow and sensual lap dance that see both ladies dry humping and grinding on each for what seems like hours on end. Getting all hot and bothered, Vonka can’t keep her hands off Ultragirl’s body and the two are completely into each other’s warm bodies.  Vonka has another devious idea and wants to deal with Mezmerelda once and for all, so she commands Ultragirl to go fly to Mezmerelda’s lair to take he rout for good. Ultra-obeys and flies away while Vonka slowly comes down from the spellbound high that her and Ultragirl were just in.


A few hours later Vonka is laying back on her couch when Ultragirl flies back in. Vonka is relieved to see her but notices that Ultragirl has not come back with any of Vonka’s belongings at all.  Vonka asks Ultragirl what happened to Ultragirl’s confrontation with Mezmerelda and why isn’t any of her stuff brought back. Ultragirl admits that she tried to fight Mezmerelda but Mezmerelda was too strong and over powered her. Ultragirl pulls out the pocket watch from earlier and says that Mezmerelda caught her into another trance and ordered her to get Ultragirl in a daze as well so Mezmerelda can own the both of them. Before Ultragirl can protest or interfere, Vonka waves the pocket watch back and forth in front of both of them and says the words ‘it feels so good to be entranced”.  Eventually both are chanting the same words over and over again in repeated incantations as the camera pan and zooms on their dazed obedient faces to their singlet and thonged booties as the words get louder with every repeat of them before the scene ends.

This clip runs 10 minutes long and includes entrancement, superheroines, supervillains, sexy lapdancing, spellbinding, and topless breast play. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the SUPERHEROINE Category.