The Succubus Queen Drains Batgirl


 Batgirl Cali is in bed, sleeping soundly dressed in a little pink string thong, topless her Batgirl costume not far from her.

She is exhausted after being defeated and humiliated by "succubus Sadie"

The Queen of Succubus (Paris Love) who also wants her share of superheroine energy quietly enters Cali's room without waking her. She is very impressive and dressed like a cruel domineering mistress: Black garter belt with G-string and black bra and black tights covered with a black or red satin bathrobe, equipped with a whip. She gently turns around Cali's bed admiring him with a slight smile while reveling in her future prey with the whip around her neck.

Paris takes off her satin robe, puts her whip next to the bed and slowly lies down behind Cali without waking her up and while starting to take in Cali's energy:

Several actions in this part:

Paris Love plays with Cali's arms by comparing them to hers and with humiliating words ("how Batgirl can have arms so thin and so weak!" ...)

Paris has fun with Cali's breasts and pinch her nipples

Paris puts her hands around Cali's neck and kisses him on the face ...

Paris turns Cali onto her back and sits on top of her while holding her arms roughly back (grapevine) then continues to absorb Cali's energy as she kissed her which wakes Cali after a few seconds.

Part 2 the fight (still on the bed):

Cali has a hard time breaking free, which makes Succubus Paris smile and then asks who she is and what she wants ...

Paris with a cruel smile does not respond and gives Cali several slaps as well as brutal punches (sound effects). Cali following the violence of the blows falls her head between the legs of Paris as if she was prostrating herself. Paris picks up Cali by the hair and tells her that she's not done having fun yet and that she will have plenty of time to bow down later (she smiles). She kisses him before slapping her again. Cali tries to punch Paris but blocks her fist and forces her to lie down again with an arm lock while telling her that there is no point in resisting and that she is much stronger than she is.

Cali tries to get out of bed but Paris grabs her and karate kicks in the back of her neck several times to weaken her and gently puts her arm around her neck to strangle her and take the rest of her energy.

Paris takes hold of her whip still standing behind Cali then wraps it around her neck and kneels in front of the camera saying "your energy is mine Batgirl and you will be my slave in my kingdom for all eternity"