He's My Husband with Ashley Lane and Vonka Romanov

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Ashley Lane wakes up naked in bed with huge smile her face. She’s excited to see her new boyfriend! She’s been looking forward to this night all week! Ashely gets dressed as she fantasizes about their sexy night out—and the day that her boyfriend leaves his wife!! She slips on some pantyhose, a white blouse, and a sexy, tight black skirt. The moment she’s all ready... a sneaky villain pops up from behind. It’s Vonka Romanov, the wife of Ashely’s new boyfriend. Looks like Ashley is in big trouble!!

Vonka eagerly wraps her hand over Ashley’s mouth, and the white cloth in between snuffs Ashley right out. Ashley falls to the bed and Vonka flops her little arms around before eye checking her. Vonka plays with Ashley a little until she wakes up afraid! Vonka reintroduces that she’s “the wife” but snuffs her right back out again! Ashley struggles against the hand-over-mouth cloth, but quickly loses. Vonka plays with Ashley’s floppy shoes and then inspects her pantyhose feet... until Vonka cleave gags her with pantyhose.

Vonka is clearly one pissed off wife because she is not letting this little hoe go. Once Ashley is aware again, she slides of the bed to the floor to try to get away... Vonka drags Ashley back to her lap with a strong hand over mouth fight. Slowly, Ashley’s skirt starts to raise up as she loses more and more power to Vonka. The next time Ashley is out, Vonka ties Ashley to a chair and strips Ashley out of her clothes, only to remind her over and over again, “He’s my husband!”

This clip runs 21 minutes long and includes female fighting, fantasies, female domination, pantyhose, high heels, domination, hand-over-mouth fetish, bondage and loopy fetish.