Hostile Hotel, with Cali and Vonka

We find Cali Logan, struggling, tied up with an arm binder and strap to her thigh a vibrator. She’s looking very sexy wearing a corset, garter & stockings, and a matching ball gag to moan through. She struggles helplessly until she hears a knocks and, “housekeeping!” Vonka, a sexy Russian maid, comes in to find Cali all tied up, with a note next to her. Vonka, in her sexy accent, reads the note aloud, “Do you know this says here? It says to torture you... turn on...” Vonka flips the switch on the vibrator... “this sounds fun to me...”

First Vonka begins with the feather duster... tickling Cali’s free nipples. Cali laughs with the tickles and moans with the vibrator. Next an ice cube to torture little Cali Logan, but she might like it... maybe some nipple play and ice cold water for the dirty girl. Time for a picture! Vonka must really be enjoying herself because her next device is all about breath play... a bag and a hand to throat... no passing out here... 

While Cali is nice and lightheaded, Vonka decides to tickle and spank her for a pick me up! “A little pain and pleasure go well together don’t they?” Vonka sexily says as she puts the bag over Ms. Logan’s head... “Just to put you over the edge...” Vonka wonders what other toys there are... nipple clamps with little bells, collars for choking, and blindfolds for blackmail? Oh my!

This clip runs 20 minutes long with bondage, domination, stockings & garter, corset, gag talk, arm binder, tickling, nipple clamps, nipple play, vibrator, breath play, blindfold, and blackmail.