It Could Always Be Worse with Cali and Keri

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Cali Logan is all ready for a photoshoot with the sexy new female photographer in town, Keri Spectrum. Keri really has a vision for this photoshoot and wants to take it a whole step further—Keri wants to shoot some bondage! Cali doesn’t yet, but Keri is grooming her for more. Keri quickly asks if shooting in lingerie for the camera turns her on, but Cali professionally says its just a job for her. Keri is starting to sound more and more like a fangirl... or just a creep...

Soon Keri starts directing Cali to pose in the most seductive poses that she can... like in doggie style and on her knees. Keri keeps dropping sexually charged comments too! Cali just ignores the comments the best as she can, but Keri becomes more and more objectifying. All the way to the point where Keri pulls out some “props” for Cali to pose in—some handcuffs. When Cali shows that she’s uncomfortable, Keri tells her that she won’t get paid if she doesn’t finish the shoot.

Cali shows some reservations, but caves under Keri’s pressure and agrees to a bondage shoot! Keri’s grooming and coaxing leads Cali straight into some handcuffs... and shackles in a hogtie!! Keri inappropriately touches Cali all along the way as she poses—and struggles! Cali eventually works up the nerve to confront Keri that she’s uncomfortable, but its already too late. Keri has taken full advantage of this little damsel. Keri strips off Cali’s bra, gropes her tits, and when Cali gets too loud about it... Keri just gags her. Keri even has the photos to make up whatever story—or blackmail—that she wants to! But it could always be worse... right?

This clip runs 21 minutes long with handcuffs, shackles, photoshoot, damsel in distress, bondage, tape gag, and struggling.