Spy's Delight with Cali Logan and Sinn Sage

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Cali Logan, CIA Spy, lurks in the shadows of her next mission’s location. She is retrieving a disk from inside the compound, and must exit without being seen. Easy. Cali sneaks in past the guard, and starts bragging back to base that she got the disk before even finding it on the desk. Someone’s cocky attitude is going to get them in trouble! The moment Cali unplugs the disk drive from the computer she is met with Sinn Sage and a white cloth!!

Cali struggles, but only for a moment before you eyes start rolling and starts to get weak. Sinn compliments Cali on how easy it was to lure her here, right into her white cloth. Cali collapses right there, and Sinn lowers her limp body to the floor. Sinn cant help but limp play with such a pretty agent, picking up her limp arms, and caressing her black bodysuit all over. Sinn starts to unzip the bodysuit, and then massage Cali’s exposed breasts. Sinn kisses Cali’s nipples, and strips off her suit halfway before moving on to suck on Cali’s toes!

Sinn licks between Cali’s toes and all over her soles. After a long toe licking session, Sinn contemplates ending Cali’s life... but decides to keep Cali as her very own sensual spy slave. Sinn carries Cali off... to tie her arms-over-head on a table, with a ball gag, and a pantyhose blindfold. Looks like Sinn has her very own toy to play with... quickly Sinn goes to rub Cali off, and takes out her ball gag so Sinn can get some toe licking action too. Next, Sinn hops right on top of Cali’s face, riding her until total orgasm! Sinn can’t seem to stop though... she has to eat out Cali too... until Cali completely takes her out with a head scissorhold for a spy escape!!

This clip runs 23 minutes long and includes female fighting, sensual domination, female domination, limp, resting fetish, rope bondage, arm over head bondage, ball gag, blindfold, foot worship, toe sucking, sole licking, forced stripping, facesit, nipple kissing, body kissing, lesbian, reverse head scissorhold, orgasm, and costume & cosplay.