Out of Breath with Cali Logan and Sara StClaire



Cali Logan walks in, with no idea she’s about to get attacked by Sara StClair!  Her attack of choice: a belt ready to surprise the breath out of Cali! Over and over Sara tightens the belt around Cali’s throat. Cali has no defense whatsoever... she’s barefoot and struggling... Sara StClair has all the power, right in her hands. Cali weakly, defenselessly, struggles to break free of her fate... but fails... 

Cali wakes up, ever so disoriented, and tries to stubble to the door. But Sara has a similar fate in store for Cali. This times Sara just uses her hands to take all the power away from Cali’s weak little neck. For a long while, they stand, Cali’s power slowly draining, until Sara completely overtakes Cali, pushing onto the bed. Sara sits onto on Cali, hands still around Cali’s throat... 

Sara doesn’t even wait for Cali to wake up this time! Sara just hops right on and knocks the wind right out of Cali all over again! Over and over Sara plays these very serious games! Cali’s throat against pantyhose, against a belt, against Sara’s hands! How much breath could Cali Logan possibly have??

This clip runs 11 minutes long and includes female fighting, female domination, knock outs, domination, choking, breath play, and choke outs.