Sleepy Sexy Feet with Cali and Lydia (exclusive)

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Cali Logan and Lydia Vengeance are in a barefoot fight with Lydia on top!! Lydia smooshes the white cloth tighter around Cali’s mouth and Cali quickly loses traction. She slides down to the floor and Lydia is ready to start to her favorite little game. Lydia picks up Cali’s loopy, limpy foot and starts to caress her bare arch to her own cheek. Lydia licks Cali’s bare foot, loving every second of the taste, when Cali starts to wake up back up—none of that! Lydia snuffs Cali right back out again all for some more foot play! 

Lydia picks up the second foot, kisses a few of her toes and her bare arch, and she starts licking in foot play luxury. Not before long, Cali eyes start to flutter awake again! Lydia sets Cali up for a rear naked chokehold that sends Cali right back out with a few little foot kicks of struggle. Lydia is so ready for more!! She smells every inch of Cali’s feet then continues her foot kissing and licking session. Nothing could please Lydia more than sending Cali out over and over again, all for the foots! 

Lydia puts the white cloth on Cali’s awake face once more, but Cali is literally so weak that she can’t even fight back anymore. She’s just so dizzy, her energy is draining, and Lydia is ready for even more foot worship. She picks up both feet and starts to kiss the top of each one, then kiss the tasty toes, and finally licking those delicious feet all over!! Lydia caresses her favorite foot conquest and when Cali tries to wake up one last time, Lydia takes over full control all for those loopy, sexy feet!! 

This clip runs 11 minutes long with sleepy fantasies, foot fetish, knock out, ko, chloro, barefoot, and foot play.