All Orgasmed Out- Cadence vs Cali

 Cali Logan and Cadence Lux are having a fun, sexy little tussle in the bedroom when Cali starts to take control. She flops down on Cadence’s body then manages to sensually wrap her arms around Cadence’s neck, and tight legs around her torso. Cadence struggles and fights, but she loses this sensual domination match round. Cali knocks her ass right out and starts to rub herself all over Cadence’s nude body. She then climbs right on top to pin down Cadence for a 10 count! Cali wins this round! 

Cali sits reverse on Cadence’s chest and starts to rub her off in her lucid state. Cadence slowly starts to moan as she wakes up, louder and louder as Cali rubs faster and faster! Cadence is practically ready to cum when the next round begins. This time Cadence is all worked up and takes over the sensual domination role. She grabs Cali by the neck, throws her down on the bed to give a schoolgirl pin, then breast smothers Cali to oblivion! Cadence doesn’t even let go—she snuffs her out right there!! 

Now, it’s Cadence’s turn to sensual play with the floppy Cali. Cadence rubs her ass aver Cali’s face as she pins her down for the 10 count! She then wakes Cali back up by rubbing her pussy-to-pussy in a scissor tribbing position! Oh, feisty! The two moan louder and louder as Cadence fuck-humps Cali harder—all the way to orgasm!! For Cadence’s turn, she sits on Cali’s face and works herself all the way up to orgasm herself!! But wait—Cadence sat on Cali’s face too long—it knocks her lights out!!! Of course, Cadence then pinches Cali’s nipple to wake her back up for round 3 of sensual domination orgasms!! Who will orgasm out first??

This clip runs 11.5 minutes long and includes sensual domination, female fighting, female wrestling, female domination, scissorhold, headholds, facesitting, and tribbing, knockout.

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*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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