Derrier Destruction with Bella Ink

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Last night there was a man in the bar who put something in Bellas soda that she was altered the rest of the night and the man takes her to his apartment and has had a lot of fun together. After this adventure he brought her back to the bar and leaves her in front of the door. 

Unfortunately for him, Bella remembers  the address on the following day and plans to have a revenge her way when she visits him dressed in a sexy black shiny catsuit.

When he opens the door he is flabbergasted to see his last night date and she comes straight to the point. She pins him down on the floor and smooshes him in some nice positions asking him about the last night and the other man and the soda and if he likes her now.. when she presses her shiny south deeper and deeper and longer in his face the male victim struggles with his legs and arms and gasps for air, but Bella enjoys to be the femme fatale matchlessly when he is almost breathless she says: "I will have a look in your wifes wardrobe to see if she has something for me to wear, haha" then she leaves the room.

Bella comes back wearing the red leggings outfit walking sexy in his direction "Your fate is coming, Haha, do you want a new taste, Haha?" and then she begins anew to work on her victim with a lot of cruel fun for a while. "I want the name and address from your friend!" and when she squeezes his face long and deep he says that his friends name is Ulli and his address" . Bella has all what she wants, but she feels not enough in the red pants "I think your nose is not deep enough in my shine, Haha, I think I need something special to wear to finish your now worthless life, feeling you struggling in my south, Haha" then she leaves again and comes back in the purple pyjama making some sexy poses to show him where his face will be soon. 

"This is a special exercise for me, you will now see what I will do with Ullis face, when I catch him for my pleasure, Haha, he will never escape my shiny trap, Haha" and then she uses her victims face to ride it on the floor. "with this nice pyjama-pants its better to change to the bed, haha, thats much more comfy for me, but not for you, Haha" then she takes him with her in the bedroom and uses all nice face squeezing positions on the bed finishing with an happy end, when his struggling nose turns her on. "You are my next catch Ulli, be careful, when I catch you I will squeeze your face deep in my shine, Haha, I will feel your struggling nose turning me on, Haha, see you soon!!!" cruel smile and kiss in the camera

This clip runs 20 minutes long and includes face sitting, mixed fighting, female domination, femdom, catsuit, shiny pants, knock out, ko, smother, limp play. 

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*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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