Return of the Succubus

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Batgirl (Cali Logan) has just woken up and is about to start her day of fighting crime in Gotham.  She is putting on her hot tight purple latex pants and matching bra, when she realizes she left her mask and Batgirl top in her living room.  Unknown to her, the Succubus (Sadie Holmes) has sprung out of Arkham Asylum and is looking to seek revenge. The Succubus is waiting with an evil smile and tight one-piece leotard to pounce on Batgirl as soon as Batgirl comes back for her top. 


As Batgirl arrives to grab the rest of her clothes, the evil Succubus springs out of hiding and grabs Batgirl by the neck!  Batgirl is caught off guard and tries to break free, but the Succubus is much too strong.  She laughs and tells Batgirl how much fun she’s going to have squeezing Batgirl’s neck slowly and driving all of Batgirl’s energy out of her body and have it seep into the Succubus’s nostrils to feed off of.  Batgirl is starting to lose her balance and can’t fight off the Succubus enough to regain her composure.  The Succubus toys with Batgirl by driving almost all of Batgirl’s power and oxygen out just enough for Batgirl to almost slip into subconsciousness, before letting go and allowing Batgirl enough time to get any kind of breath back before striking again! 


Batgirl is in real danger, as the Succubus enjoys Batgirl’s weakened body more, kissing Batgirl on the neck and stripping Batgirl’s pink bra off, leaving Batgirl exposed, weak, topless, and vulnerable.  The Succubus continues to ravage on Batgirl’s weakened body by groping, slapping, and squeezing Batgirl’s tits and feeling Batgirl’s energy seeping away more and more. The Succubus can feel Batgirl’s energy almost dissipate completely and it’s only going to be a matter of time before Batgirl is completely zapped of all life energy.  


With Batgirl slipping in and out of it, the evil Succubus laughs as she puts Batgirl in a sexy RNC and slowly presses her arm tightly around Batgirl’s neck and sucks the last bit of power from the drained superheroine.  She asks Batgirl if there’s any last words and Batgirl can barely whisper in soft defiance.  Feeling Batgirl slip into a deep sleep and the rest of Batgirl’s life force enter her lungs, the Succubus smile sand grabs Batgirl’s phone, looking to see if Batgirl has any friend close by that she can seep energy from next. 

This clip runs 25 minutes long and contains superheriones, supervillains, succubus roleplay, breathplay, taunting, teasing, and groping..The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the SUPERHERIONES Category.

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