Wonder Woman Boxed In

Cali Logan, aka Wonder Woman, walks in and examines a flexible box on the floor... Hannah Perez sneaks up and immediately gives Cali a sleeperhold... knocking her out. Without hesitation, Hannah handcuffs Cali, exclaiming, “you’re under arrest!” Next Hannah takes off Cali’s heels for a little pantyhose foot worship and limp play. “Time for the Tickle Box” Hannah giggles.

With much effort and triumph, Hannah places Cali in the box, with her little legs dangling out and her head peaking through. The Wonderbox is complete. Hannah begins with a tiny tickle to the foot, waking Cali up. Cali scolds her to stop, but Hannah clearly ignores her and continues to tickle torture her. Quickly Cali breaks. She laughs and wiggles and is thoroughly stuck in her crunchy tickle torture straight jacket.

Hannah tickles Cali’s feet, alternating, until Cali laughs so hard for so long, that she passes right out! Hannah takes the opportunity begins her pantyhose foot worship again by kissing Cali’s feet, licking her stocking soles, and sucking on all her toes. Once Hannah’s done foot playing, she decides to take out Cali’s golden lasso...for a little bit of breath play...

This 16.5 minute clip includes foot tickling, foot worship, knock outs, pantyhose worship, peril, sleeper hold, superheroine in peril, tickling, Wonder Woman, cosplay, costumes, superheroines in peril, and peril.

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***This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form***