Under Smother- Karly vs Indica (exclusive)

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Karly Salinas and Indica Fetish are all dolled up in sexy kimono robes, ready to give you the perfect view for their newest idea to get you all worked up.  As they disrobe from the kimonos and look at you all sexy in their bras and thongs, they want to give you the biggest night of your life by watching them have a sensual facesitting pin match where they will both take turns sitting on each other’s faces for the count of ten.

Indica is up first, as she plants her perfect strong ass on top of Karly’s face in a reverse facesitting position.  Karly playfully struggles underneath Indica’s ass and Indica starts to countdown while looking into your eyes and asking if this is what turns you on.  As she smiles, she feels Karly’s squirms get less and less frequent as the countdown gets closer to 0.  Once the countdown is complete, Indica get sup and plants her foot down on Karly’s face for another 10 seconds, realizing how defenseless Karly is and there’s nothing that she can do to get Indica off of her. 

Suddenly, Karly stirs and punches Indica hard in the stomach! She is really angry on how Indica tried to cheat her way through victory by not letting Karly get up after the first 10 count, and now she is going to make Indica pay dearly.  Shoving her feet into Indica’s face and mouth, Karly sits on Indica’s face multiple times, alternating sticking her feet into Indica’s mouth and face, Indica is completely defenseless as her face is completely engulfed in Karly’s ass through her red thong, as her cries of help and protest just sound like complete muffling at this point.  Karly is hoping that you are enjoying seeing your precious girlfriend be completely humiliated and dominated by her ass and feet.   Indica’s attempts to break free from under Karly’s feet and huge round ass are completely futile as she is slowly becoming dominated more and more by a vindictive Karly.  Soon, Indica’s struggles, moans, and squirms are becoming less and less loud and frequent as she starts to lose whatever energy she came into this once sensual and erotic battle with.

As Indica lies defeated and humiliated, Karly puts her big toe into Indica’s mouth, declaring herself the winner as she flexes for you and for the camera.

This clip runs 10 minutes long and contains female facesitting, KO, knock out, foot domination, humiliation, POV audience, feet humiliation, and trash talking.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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