Hypno Hotel with Keri & Cali (17m)

Scene 1

Keri and Cali enter room with bed, Keri with a travel bag
Keri says something to the effect of “thank you so much for letting me crash here”
Cali replies with something to the effect of “of course, you are always welcome, I’ll let you get settled and we’ll catch up later”
Cali exits, Keri puts down her bag, begins to open, as she does, she gasps, looks down, sees a dart protruding from her ass, (dart shown), she pulls it out, then becomes punch drunk, as she struggles to stay on her feet, eventually passing out
Fade out on Keri sleeping

Scene 2

Fade in on Keri, sleeping face down on the bed, her jeans are gone (but all other clothes remain) and she has air pods in her ears
Cali enters and wakes Keri. Keri is confused, takes the air pods out, Cali tells her dinner will be out in a few minutes. Keri can’t believe she slept the whole day.
Cali exits, Keri gets to her feet, goes to put on her jeans, notices a strange smell. Calls out to Cali to see if she smells it too. Keri begins to feel sleepy again, struggles to stay awake, calling out to Cali for help. Eventually she goes out again.
Fade out on Keri’s slumbering form.

Scene 3

Fade in on Keri sleeping on her back in the bed, in bra and panties, with air pods in again. One of her hands rests in her panties
Cali enters, wakes Keri, who is even more confused again, Keri sits up in bed with Cali behind her. Keri takes out the air pods and Cali gives her a tablet, telling her that there’s something she wants Keri to look at.
Keri takes the tablet and as she does Cali injects Keri in the neck. Keri shouts in pain and confusion and says “what the hell was that?”
Cali says into Keri’s ear tells her it was just something to help make her more open to suggestion and that Keri should just watch the spiral. Cali then puts the air pods back in Keri’s ears and leaves.
Fade out on Keri sitting in the bed holding the tablet watching the spiral (a shot where the spiral is visible)

Scene 4

Fade in on Keri sitting staring at the spiral
Keri is sweating lightly and staring blankly into the spiral with the air pods still in.
Cali enters and sits behind Keri, taking out the air pods.
Cali (leans in to speak into Keri’s ear): Surrender and you’ll find meaning, surrender and you’ll find peace. Take a deep breath, you know what’s best is to submit and to obey. Obedience will be rewarded, are you ready to obey Keri?
Keri (heading shaking no, softly and weakly, a nearly blank and emotionless last effort to resist): No…please don’t…
Cali: You’ll be ready soon, I can’t wait.
Cali removes Keri’s bra, fondles Keri’s breasts, puts the air pods back in, and leaves Keri staring at the tablet.
Fade out

Scene 5

Fade in on Keri, no covered in sweat, staring at the tablet
Cali enters, stands next to the bed, holds Keri’s chin, smiles at her as Keri is quietly saying “must obey”
Cali then sits behind Keri, removes the air pods and leans in to speak into Keri’s ear again.
Cali: Oh Keri, you weren’t expecting to end up like this were you? (Cali gently stroking the side of Keri’s face) So open, so easily programmed, eager and ready to obey, isn’t that right? (Keri nods her head up and down). That’s it my conditioned plaything, totally open. Tell me that you are ready to obey your master.
Keri (blank and monotone): I am ready to obey my master.
Cali stands, removes the device from the bed and commands Keri to strip her. Keri says “yes master” and blankly rises and strips Cali out of all of her clothes.
Cali lays on the bed and commands Keri to join her. Keri crawls onto the bed.
Fade Out

Scene 6

Fade in on Cali sleeping on her back naked, Keri sleeping face down
Cali wakes and has Keri kneel in the bed.
Cali gives Keri the tablet with the spiral and tells her to repeat her programming for the day. Cali thinks about it and tells Keri to repeat this mantra: “There is no greater pleasure than obedience, I must please my master”
Cali leaves and Keri kneels staring at the spiral repeats twice the mantra: “There is no greater pleasure than obedience, I must please my master”
Fade Out

Scene 7

Fade in, Keri still kneeling repeats her mantra
Cali enters dressed, in different outfit than before, hair still up and sits next to Keri
Cali has Keri stop and takes the tablet from Keri, turns to put it down, when Cali turns back Keri sprays her with sleepy mist
Cali is shocked and confused, immediately feeling the effects, can only get out a confused “what?”
Keri: It’s ok master, I going to help you feel the ultimate pleasure, obedience!
Cali (weakly):….no
Cali then collapses over onto Keri, asleep
Fade Out

Scene 8

Fade in, Keri, still naked/topless, sitting at the top of the bed, back up against the wall/headboard. Cali is also sitting, in between Keri’s legs, chin to chest asleep, in only a bra and panties. She is wearing air pods now. The tablet with the spirals is set up so that they can see it.
Cali wakes, groggy, confused, realizes the air pods on her now and frantically removes them. She is still out of it, weakly asks “how?”
Keri (explains in a matter of fact way): “There is no greater pleasure than obedience, and I must please you master, so the best way to please you is to help you obey”
Cali (weakly): No…I…don’t want to obey…
Keri: Don’t worry master, I remember how you taught me to obey so I will show you how
Cali weakly tries to rise, Keri holds her down, takes one hands, grabs Cali’s chin, and holds her head up to look at the spiral
Fades out on Cali weakly struggling and Keri telling her just to stare into the spiral

Scene 9

Fade in, Keri and Cali still on the bed, Cali now splayed back against Keri, no longer resisting, staring blankly ahead at the tablet.
Keri (in Cali’s ear): What do you understand now master?
Cali (blank, monotone): There is no greater pleasure than obedience.
Keri: Are you ready to obey?
Cali (smiles): Yes, I want to obey
Keri: Show me.
Cali rises, removes her bra and panties, and kneels before Keri
Keri: Master what is the greatest pleasure?
Cali: Obedience. Thank you for helping me understand.
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