How did you find me?


The new spy Hannah Perez has found the secret hideout of the evil Black Widow Cali Logan. What she doesn’t realize is that the Black Widow has plenty of eyes and camera pointing directly upon her the moment she tried to sneak into the back door. The moment she steps in, she’s immediately captured and is tied up at the mercy of the evil Black Widow herself.  Now the Black Widow has her all to herself with some rope and a lovely shock rod to get Hannah to spill the beans on how she ended up finding out just where the hideout was.


Hannah refuses to rat out her contacts of intel, so the Black Widow laughs and uses the shock rod all over Hannah’s naked wiggling body.  The sensations of the shocking are going throughout poor Hannah’s sexy nude body and the sounds of the shock rod touching bare skin is echoing with every prod that the Black Widow is inflicting on Hannah’s body.  There’s little that Hannah can do as The Black Widow’s shock rod inflicts more shock and pain than ever before.


A few moments later Hannah is strung up standing naked and has just enough energy to keep herself on her feet. The Black Widow comes back into the room and splashes water on Hannah’s face to surprise her from the last prodding.  Hannah looks in fear as she realizes her body is now wet as the Black Widow is waving her shock rod more and the water mixed with the shock rod will add even more pain to Hannah’s body.  The Black Widow laughs and tells Hannah she better speak up now that her body is all wet and it’s just going to get much worse with the rod from here on out.  Determined to keep her secret safe, Hannah tries her best to squirm free and escape, but her binds are too strong.  The Black Widow just laughs harder and pushes the prod everywhere against poor Hannah’s naked body. The water on her skin is making the shocking even worse and painful. She gets prodded on her tits, her stomach, her crotch, and everywhere else in between!


After several pain shocking moments, The Black Widow has enough playing of her new shock toy and tells Hannah that she can rest for now, but sooner or later there will come a time where she will get the information out of her newest captor one way or another before leaving Hannah in a weakened state. 

This clip runs 10 minutes long and contains supervillian domination, shock interrogation, female domination, and topless nudity.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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