Tied Spy 2: While you were Sleeping


When we last left off this epic story, our favorite spy Cali Logan was attempting to escape the lair of the evil blue-haired mistress Vonka, but Vonka had more plans in store for our helpless spy instead. As Cali is trying to break free and look for a way out through the windows, Vonka catches up to her and grabs her from behind in her evil clutches!  The more Cali tries to squirm, the tighter Vonka holds on as she finally uses an object to subdue Cali and render her immobile!

With Cali completely taken care of for now, Vonka brings her back to the room she was held captive at and decides that the ropes need to be more reinforced around Cali’s black catsuit covered body.  Using more ropes and even a cloth to put over Cali’s mouth, Vonka double knots and secures more ropes around Cali’s wrists behind her back and even ties Cali’s ankles together so there will be no hope for Cali to even think about getting away so easily!

Just to add more fun, Vonka wakes Cali up just in time to put the cloth around Cali’s mouth and back of her head to see Cali’s eyes go wide as she realizes how much trouble she really got herself into!  Cali can squirm all she wants, but Vonka knows it’s no use and mocks her to be a good little spy and behave herself before she leaves Cali alone in her new home!

Cali squirms and struggles in her binds.  The sweat starts to build up on her forehead as she is completely helpless against the ropes that that evil Vonka has tied around her!  No matter how much Cali struggles and kicks, the camera gets a nice close up at times to her face as she bites down and muffles her screams against the tight cloth against her mouth, screaming and pleading as loud as she can for any help that can hear her from outside.  No matter how hard she tries to break free, those binds are tight and the only thing she is accomplishing is tiring herself out in the process. Will help come from her agency to help free her? Or will Vonka’s evil plans spell more disaster and chaos at Cali’s expense? 

This clip runs 10 minutes long and contains spies, rope bondage, squirming, POV, and cloth gags.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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