KO Studios with Cali Logan and Jacquelyn Velvets


Jacquelyn Velvets sits caressing her new white fuzzy socks when Cali Logan walks up in her pink fuzzy socks. They’re suppose to have a cuddly, resting photoshoot together, but the photographer still hasn’t shown up. The two chat while they wait, dangling their little flats, and Jacquelyn admits that she started seeing someone new! Apparently, the two met online and have already been on three dates! Cali then admits that she started seeing someone new too! Wow! Cali describes him as cute, dark haired, and has BIG F-150 truck, and Cali is really into that! But wait... Jacquelyn says that her boyfriend drives the same thing! How funny! They continue gabbing and find out their boyfriends both own a dog... a BEAGLE! Looks like they are sharing a cheating bastard! 

It’s just too coincidental, so Cali pulls up a picture of her boyfriend... he’s the same guy as Jacquelyn’s boyfriend!! Cali immediately says that Jacquelyn should break up with him! Why? Because this guy has already slept with Cali and he fucked her SO GOOD that she passed out!! Cali hops on the phone to convince this guy to break up with Jacquelyn because Cali is so thirsty for this dick. While she’s on the phone, Jacquelyn comes up from behind and bonks Cali right in the head! Straight to KO! Cali falls to the couch rolling her eyes with her legs spread wide open. Jacquelyn jokes about Cali and her slutty boyfriend, and notes to never trust guys on the internet. Jacquelyn starts to massage Cali’s fuzzy pink sock foot then starts stripping Cali, showing off her matching shiny pink bra and panties. 

Jacquelyn plays with Cali’s limp limbs and jokes about all the open leg whore positions that this guy puts her in. She plops Cali’s fuzzy sock feet around in her hands contemplating what to do next. Jacquelyn decides to call this guy and confront him! She picks up Cali’s phone as sees a ton of calls between them and finds herself so distracted that Cali has the time to wake up and bonk Jacquelyn in the head! Jacquelyn rolls her eyes as she slides down the couch to the floor in perfect KO. Cali starts stripping Jacquelyn from her floppy flats to unbuttoning her bursting blouse. Cali drags Jacquelyn to the couch to play with her fuzzy white sock feet and noodle limbs. All the sudden, Cali gets a call back from her boo thang and she immediately confronts him about his cheating! This guy is in big trouble! 

While Cali is chewing this guy out, Jacquelyn wakes up and finds a small pan to whack Cali in the head!! Cali wobbles in places and falls straight down to the floor... suddenly Jacquelyn passes out right on top of Cali! Two passed out beauties in KO body pile! After a long passed out session, the two seem to wake up at the same time. With a mysterious white cloth next to them. They both aggressively dodge for the cloth, trying to snatch it out of each other’s hands! Suddenly, the ladies find two white clothes between them... and immediately hand-over-mouth smother each other with the cloths! They wobble around, but they’re still pissed off at each other, so they hand smother one another AGAIN! They get woozy and pass out in a body pile! This time with their asses up in the air in doggie! 

When the two wake up, Jacquelyn takes the lead and snuffs out Cali with the white cloth all over again! Cali struggles and kicks her fluffy pink socks in the air, but she quickly loses. She rolls her eyes and falls to Jacquelyn’s white cloth over and over again! Jacquelyn taps her awake for more KOs until finally deciding to play with her prey. She rubs Cali’s soft socks and plays with her limpy limbs, but finds herself getting more and more light headed... until she decides to take a full engulfing smell of the white cloth for a nice long nap on top of Cali! Naturally, Cali wakes up and rolls Jacquelyn to the floor, waking up Jacquelyn in the process! The fuzzy sock foot fight begins!! They both start to pinch each other’s soft sock feet as an attack! They both squeal and slowly roll their eyes in pain... double KO! 

After the two wake up again, Cali offers a truce. Jacquelyn agrees, but is immediately met with a pan to the face! Jaquelyn falls back onto the couch leaving her limbs and sock feet vulnerable for rag dolling and limp play! Before long, Cali decides to wobble away to get her boyfriend back, but runs straight into a wall!! She knocks herself out right then and there! Jacquelyn finds Cali is out against the wall, legs spread, and vulnerable to Jacquelyn’s revenge! Jacquelyn drags Cali to the floor and plays with her sock feet and limp legs. When Cali starts to come to, Jacquelyn suggests a contest... whoever wins gets this cheater guy. Cali agrees. Best of five whacks to the forehead with a baton gets the man! Cali and Jacquelyn take turns hitting themselves!! Who will win this eye rolling KO contest??   

This clip runs 48 minutes long and includes female fighting, domination, resting fetish, knock out, KO, double KO, hand over mouth smother, eye rolling, forced stripping, bra & panties, fuzzy socks, shoe dangle, rag dolling, body pile, and limp play. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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