Cali's Playhouse with Maci Wilde (45 mins)


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Part 1: The Birthday Girl- Cali Logan stomps in, angry about how shitty her birthday present is from her dad. Apparently, her new car last year wasn’t good enough. Cali’s dad makes Cali promise to NOT break her present, then she can have it right now! Cali opens her bedroom door to reveal her present! Waiting for her is a gag and bound Maci Wilde!!! Cali is so excited to have her very own bondage doll!! Cali gropes - Maci- and squeals about all the kinky fun she will have her. Cali is now ready to play a game with her new toy!

“Have you heard of the knock out game? All the cool kids are playing it these days.” Cali takes out - Maci’s- ball gag with total excitement to use it again later. Cali squirts in a nice, juicy tincture to send - Maci- right into dreamland... Maci eyes start rolling and cross before - Maci- is knocked right out. “Now let the fun begin...” Cali unties Maciwrists and legs... and Maci wakes up... only for Cali to put Maci in a sleeperhold to start this limpy nighty-night game all over again!!!

This clip runs 16.5 minutes long and includes knock outs, limp play, ragdolling, female fighting, female domination, knock out, KO, domination, hand over mouth, eye rolling, bondage, and ball gag.

Part 2: Obedience Training- Cali Logan has found a new playmate!! Cali drags Maci Wilde on the couch, with no resistance, and is totally ready for more fun. Cali takes off Maci’s shirt and plays with her relaxed arms. Cali starts to pose Maci into a fun, naughty position so she can peek at her panties. Cali continues her cute little gal playtime by throwing the couch pillows around and sensually caressing Maci’s smooth legs and tight ass. Cali then slips Maci’s shorts off and gives her a nice few spankings for fun!

The fun only begins though! Cali position Maci so she can put a big ol collar on the ol gal! Next up, a nice leash to match! Once Maci wakes up, Cali turns her into a little puppy right quick. She has Maci crawling around on the floor like a dog going on a walk. Maci tries to resist but Cali brings out her electro-device, much like a shock collar. This gets Maci going! Cali gives Maci and couples shocks and reminds her that positive reinforcement doesn’t work as well!

Maci is then forced to bark like a dog! Or else Cali will zap her again! Cali walks Maci around the room again, training her for a humiliation public outing. Cali eventually stops because she wants to her Maci, her cute little pathetic puppy, BEG. Maci whines and whimpers, but Cali gives her another brutal shock! Maci then bites Cali in the leg!!! Cali quickly shocks Maci to a KO!! And of course, this playhouse is equipped with some rope to keep this dog in place when she wakes up after her beating!

This part runs 15 minutes long and includes female domination, female training, forced stripping, domination, collar & leash, pet play, electroshock, boxing gloves, and knock out.

Part 3- Broken Toy: Cali Logan pulls on Maci Wilde’s leash to wake her ass up. Cali then strips off Maci’s bra for a cute little game of nipple peek-a-boo! Maci groans in fear and struggles against her rope handcuffs, but this is only the beginning. Cali pulls Maci by the hair and dunks her whole face into a bucket of water!! Cali’s Playhouse not only has tape and toys, but also waterboarding! Yay!

Maci breaths out mega bubbles into the water buckles as she struggles to get some more air! Cali finally lets her up, and Maci begs to be released with full tears of mascara running down her face! Cali only replies by pushing Maci’s head back into the water bucket—brutal! Cali pushes her to the edge until she decides to let Maci go—only if Maci can get out of her leash and collar—

Maci struggles against the bind around her neck and—loses. Maci goes down face first! Cali plays with Maci’s loopy body before getting Maci ready for her next Playhouse game! Cali takes off her shirt so she can put some loopy spray all over her tits—and then Cali breast smother’s Maci right back out all over again! What other Playhouse games are there?? Next up is a pillow smother, a nice full gas mask of you-know-what, and even more Cali Playhouse naughty fun!

This part runs 16.5 minutes long and includes female fighting, fantasies, female domination, female training, stripping, domination, collar & leash, pet play, water boarding and loopy fetish.