Ultragirl vs Harley Quinn: Boxed out and Boxed in


UltraGirl, aka Cali Logan, and HarleyQuinn, aka Lydia Vengeance, are SO weak and tired from their excessive fighting! They’ve pulverized each other to the point that UltaCali is laying on the floor drooling, and HarleyQuinn is twitching up a storm! Both ladies eventually pull themselves together—only so they could continue their fight! It’s a loopy match for sure! HarleyQuinn and UltraCali are back and forth with crazy wide, wobbly punches that leaves both of them with their tongues stuck out and eyes rolled back! 

UltraCali and HarleyQuinn go in circles punching, flailing against walls, and flopping into loopy body piles! They both fall into facedown-assup positions so many times that they just start up their fight right where they left it on repeat! Surely one superhuman will expire soon! They trade off squeezing neck holds that sends each one out, but like clockwork they wake up to inflict the same damage on her opponent! Round after round, super heroine versus super villain, both ladies are here to demolish each other! 

When UltraCali has had enough, she pulls out a pair of boxing gloves, and punches the evil one to arise. BAM! A punch to the face! HarleyQuinn starts to mumble and is tossed to the wall for a roundhouse uppercut punch to the face! That’ll take her out for good! UltraCali wobbles over with a storage box, especially for the capture of this supervillain. UltraCali folds up HarleyQuinn’s limbs and shoves her right in that box for good!! UltraGirl snaps on the lid—and finds that her strength is still completely drained—so she takes a little nap right there on top of the box! Ha! Tongue stuck out and all! That shows Harley! 

This 21 minute clip includes superheroine, fantasies, loopy fetish, magic control, female fighting, female wrestling, female domination, body piles cosplay, costumes, and humilation. 

***This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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