In this clip, Cali Logan, a bikini champion, is initially seen stretching alone in her studio. However, when newcomer Liz Ashely arrives, she insults Cali about her appearance and boasts about her own victories. Cali, confident and unfazed, accepts Liz's challenge to a bareknuckle fight with unique rules: the loser loses clothing with each knockout, and the winner becomes the undisputed champion.

The fight begins with Cali displaying superior speed and skill, knocking Liz down once. Cali taunts Liz, but in the next exchange, Liz manages to knock Cali down. Liz mocks Cali as she struggles to get up, ultimately knocking her out with an uppercut. Liz then strips Cali of her top, ridicules her, and prepares for the next round.

Cali, now topless, stages a comeback in the next round, eventually knocking Liz out and removing her top as well. The two topless fighters continue to exchange blows, with Liz gaining the upper hand and trying to make Cali admit defeat. Cali dodges a punch, injuring Liz's hand in the process. Cali takes control, pummeling Liz mercilessly and demanding her submission.

Liz, unable to continue, pleads for Cali to end it and admits defeat. Cali knocks her out before she can finish her sentence, removing Liz's thong as another trophy. The clip ends with Cali victorious, posing over the unconscious Liz, and taking selfies before leaving.

This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes female boxing, knockouts, stripping, fondling, topless fighting, taunting, trash talk, humiliation.