Little Red Riding Hood Hypnotized and Drained by Vampires


Vonka finds Cali out in the cold rain and immediately jumps to invite her in to get warm and out of the rain. Cali starts to look around and notices some interesting furniture and questions if Vonka lives alone. Before Vonka can really answer, in walks Lydia. Lydia quickly introduces herself and seems so welcoming.

As Vonka and Lydia get comfortable, they complement Cali on her amulet. Cali explains that it is meant to keep her safe, especially after her run in with the big, bad werewolf.  Vonka pulls off her amulet to show Cali how beautiful it is and they work to get her sleepy and a little more relaxed- Vonka and Lydia try to work on a plan to get the amulet off of Cali and get to her blood. 

A little massage and a deep look into Vodka’s eyes Cali begins to feel safe and relaxed. She begins to relax and her eyes get heavy. Vonka gets Cali to surrender and she removes the amulet. 

Lydia removes Cali’s cloak and they begin to remove Cali’s wet clothes. Vonka and Lydia begin to kiss and worship Cali’s legs and work their lips up Cali’s body. They can just taste how fresh she is, but as they get closer to her neck, they argue over her gets it. 

In true Vampire fashion: Rock Paper Scissors will determine the Lydia gets the neck. 

Happy Biting!