Sexy KOs for You with Keri Spectrum and Cali Logan


 Cali and Keri have discovered your sleep kink, and they've noticed you stealing glances at their tits too. The girls decide to put on a show for you. Cali and Keri knock each other out multiple times and worships each other's tits while asleep, with a heavy emphasis on nipple sucking. The knockouts include chloroform and a clear gas mask and with each KO another article of clothing is removed.

They take the game one step further, inviting you to join in the fun and allow him to knock them out and grope their tits. Things get even hotter when pussy they get so turned on and start rubbing below the belt. For the grand finale they knock themselves out simultaneously and encourage you to do whatever youd like to their limp bodies. Oh, the possibilities.

This clip runs 20 minutes long and includes knock outs, stripping, limp play, fondling, nipple sucking, pussy rubbing, chloro fetish, sleepy. Disclaimer: all acts are strictly fantasy and all actors are willing participants over the age of 21.