DikTok 2: Hello Harley (Exclusive to Cali's Fetish Factory)

Ivy is enjoying some time with her babies while Batgirl lay lifeless when in rolls Harley! Harley is sad she has missed out on the fun, but has a little idea of a game they can play! Spin the Batgirl!

With the help of Ivy’s baby vines they secure Batgirl to the chair, you know safety first! With a fun slap of a dildo, Harley slaps Batgirl awake to give her the details of the game. 

With the help of Harley’s latest invention, she is going to get every little secret out of Batgirl’s head. With 3 quick pumps and a couple spins, Batgirl is ready to dish. 

Harley starts off simple, and Batgirl lets us know how much she loved sucking Ivy’s cock. Wish granted, as Harley helps in goes the dildo!

That secret was fun and all but Ivy and Harley know there is more in there. With a little more secret spray, they ask who his daddy is, it’s Commissioner Gordon!! She’s Barbara Gordon, the librarian!! 

That one might be hard to top, but there is one more. She wants to be Catwoman’s best friend. You know, the friend where when she thinks of that her nipples get hard. Time for Harley to give Batgirl Catwoman’s cock. 

Who knew the librarian was such a cock gobbler!? 

This clip runs 11 minutes long and includes cosplay, super heroine, supervillain, dildo, strap on.


*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***


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